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OUR Services

Providing Everything You Need for your meat products

USDA Slaughter

We ethically harvest beef, bison, lamb, and goat for livestock farmers under USDA inspection, meeting the highest standards for resale.

USDA - Food Safety and Inspection Service

Food Inspector

Inspectors provide the first line of defense against adulterated meat products.

Consumer Safety Inspector

CSIs ensure a plant is operating within its written plans for HACCP, sanitation, and processing.

Public Health Veterinarian

PHVs help oversee the effectiveness of farm-to-table food safety systems.


To ensure the highest quality of meats, we hang carcasses for up to 14 days before processing and packing.

We meticulously break down carcasses to produce boneless and bone-in steaks, maximizing the overall yield.


We expertly prepare, vacuum-seal, and customize individual steaks to your liking. Each steak is carefully labeled to meet your preferences.

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